Saturday, April 11, 2009

a gripe

I am in the process of applying to teaching master's programs, and I'm noticing a disturbing trend that, as a graphic designer, forces me to ask all teachers everywhere: why Comic Sans? This typeface is surely in the running as the most revolting ever created, but it seems to be a favorite of teachers, particularly elementary school teachers. The glut of Comic Sans has made me ponder what typeface I'd like to use for my sundry materials. I think Chaparral. It looks friendly, modern, accessible, and sophisticated. Not to mention it's also highly legible, and designed for text use.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Yesterday I baked a Czech Easter bread called Mazanec. It's a sweet egg bread with golden raisins and almonds in it, and it's delicious. Thanks for the recipe Babicka: it turned out great! I am sending a few loaves as small thank-you gifts for my letter of rec writers, but now after making it, I wish I could send them the smell too: my apartment was filled with the heavenly aroma of fresh bread for hours. I was initially intimidated by the prospect of making bread: mainly waking up (but not killing) the yeast, and kneading. I love to cook, but when it comes to baking, but I usually stick with shortbreads, tarts, and scones, which are mainly about cutting fat into flour, and less sciency than yeast breads. But it turns out there's nothing to fear! The key to kneading is that you keep at it until the dough's no longer sticky. I was afraid that this point would come gradually, and discerning it would require a zen-like understanding of bread kneading, but it turned out to be really definitive and obvious. Thanks for the great directions Babicka!