Tuesday, March 29, 2016

On Second Thought...

My 100 days project is going to live on instagram, the natural home of that sort of thing.


100 Day Project

I know, I'm like two years late to the 100 Day Project bandwagon. But the idea still has merit. I wanted to start another personal project with a structure that enables me to stick with it. A few years back I did a self-portrait a day for a year, but I was inconsistent and actually ended up making less than 200 self-portraits that year. I'm thinking 100 days will be an easier commitment and I'll actually do it this time around.

I'm not a real doctor, but I am a real worm. (Drawing from August 2015)

So here's the plan: I am going to create something involving hand-lettering every day for 100 days. I've been doing this inconsistently for a couple months now and I want to get into a habit so I can improve my hand-lettering skills and build some discipline. Usually I write things that I find myself saying over and over to Isaac, but I'll probably throw in some favorite quotes and whatnot as well. So today will be day 1 and I will end on July 6, 2016 after 100 days. I will post pictures of all my entries to this blog. The pics might not be great because I am just going to use my phone to minimize barriers.

Here goes! Stay tuned for day 1...

Sunday, June 22, 2014

To the Moon

I just discovered that NASA (in cooperation with ASU, incidentally) has a website full of high resolution photos from their missions. Cool! You can even download the raw photo files if you want. I'm going to print one of the Gemini mission photos for the baby's room.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Writing and Mental Health

Here's an interesting article/time-traveling website from the 90s that I found about how to use writing to improve your mental health. Sounds worth trying!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Common Core Critical Words List

This post's primary purpose is to make a pinnable link to a resource I found listing the 55 "critical words" that are listed in the common core appendix B.

Here's the fabulous picture that I've selected so that I can pin it. Ha.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

who killed cock robin?

holy moly! who killed cock robin is one edgy picture book. spoiler alert: it was the sparrow, with his arrow! here's one of many fantastic illustrations:

who saw him die? i, said the fly. on the next page they ask who caught his blood. children were apparently made of sterner stuff in 1865.

My House: Where Projects Go to Die

This morning whilst perusing the blogs, I saw this house tour on apartment therapy (really nice, btw!). I noticed their industrial-looking dining table and it made me think about my dining table project. Whatever happened to that, you ask? Here's the sad state of affairs on that one:

See how it's mocking me? Just sitting there, gigantic and unfinished. (On the plus side, the cats really love its current location because it's great for monitoring us when we're in the living room.)

We hired a welder to make the base, and I bought some reclaimed lumber that I was going to use to "simply" make the top, using Daniel's DIY countertop method. However, I have come to realize that it's going to be a huge pain in the ass, and realistically, beyond my abilities and access to tools. The joists are not de-nailed as Rebuilding Exchange claimed, and a few of them are warped, which would make it nearly impossible to form them into a flat table top without planing them (and honestly I don't even know if a planar can fix that—I just don't have whole lot of knowledge about woodworking.) Not to mention, my time and ability to do projects right now is pretty limited. So, we've decided to hire a carpenter to make the tabletop for us. Know any good carpenters in Chicago?