Friday, November 30, 2012

It's Been Too Long!

Sorry, all eight of you loyal readers, that I haven't been a-posting. That last post came from what turned out to be the suckiest (aka most first-year-of-teaching-like) two weeks of the year thus far. Anyway, things are much better on the teaching front, thanks mainly to the gradual process (that I'm finally just now actually getting the hang of) of being, you know, IN CHARGE of my classroom. It's not a democracy. Sorry UTEP. It's a combination of Cesar Milan-like group energy-level management,  making ordinary things sound really exciting, and making my voice very quiet at key moments. Like when I feel like yelling, for instance. Also, never have the whole class move at once. Actually, I think that's like 90% of my happiness, right there.

Anyway, I got all excited just now because I discovered a LOAD of pictures of our house pre-renovation. That should make for some really fun before-and-after house posts, if I ever get around to actually posting those! Ha. Also, the way I discovered the pictures is funny/gross. I have this weird-looking bug bite on my leg, and I couldn't figure out what was going on with it, so before going to the doctor, I called my mom for her input, as is my custom, and she (as is HER custom) wanted lots more details about a weird, gross bug bite than most sane people would. And so she asked me to take a picture, but "not on your phone, take it with a real camera." And so that's how I discovered lots of pictures I didn't know I had. Aren't you happy you know that?

So anyway, stay tuned for house-related posts. (Not this weekend though because I am super behind on grades. Meeps!)