Wednesday, September 26, 2012

60 hours a Week

That's the limit Sean set for me for work, and it's going pretty well! Granted, I at maybe 65 if we're being honest here, but I am getting a lot more done quickly and efficiently knowing I am not going to work past 7 at night and not work more than 5 hours on the weekend. I haven't got the weekend part down yet (that's where the over-spill happens) but I'm sticking to 7:00 pretty faithfully, and I have actually noticed that I'm more focused and productive (6:30 blog-posting not withstanding). I am actually excited and sort of, I don't know, determined to get stuff done, as opposed to feeling tired and defeated, which is how I felt last year when I did work at home. Of course, some of that is being a second-year teacher (yay for not being a first year teacher! I provided moral support only just today to a crying co-worker! But the truth is she's doing twice as good as I did last year). And also having a less hectic school day (I have an hour prep plus a 45-minute lunch every day, as opposed to last year's four 50-minute preps a week [at the end of the day: tough for my disorganized self!] and a 20-minute lunch, plus the day is about half an hour shorter). But I think some of it is just limiting my work time, and promising myself that I get to be a wife and a human every day, no matter what.


Ryan said...

High fives all around, both for being a wife/human and also for nesting brackets inside parentheses.

beth said...

lol. Thanks. I realized at that point I probably use parentheses too much.