Sunday, August 19, 2012

Concrete Countertops

They're out of the molds, and they look amazing! We need to wait a couple days to polish them, and then we can install them. I can't wait til they're in the kitchen. As Sean pointed out to me last night, we only have a couple more days of plywood countertops left. Hard to believe!

This is a ledge-type-thingy that will house the sink faucet:

...and a close-up of the concrete: the line in it is because we waited too long between filling it halfway and then filling it the rest of the way. But I kind of like the way it looks. The holes are a result of not vibrating it enough, and also because our first batch of concrete was way too thick. But we'll fill them in and you won't see them in the finished counters. There's also some residue on the surface of some parts of the counters (like the angled surface in the top picture) because I used aluminum flashing to shape some surfaces. I think it'll polish off though. If not, then it's just a part of our counters!


Salvatore Aguilar said...
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Salvatore Aguilar said...

Even though it’s just gotten out of its molder, it’s amazing that the concrete countertop looks smooth. And it’s really important to vibrate the mixture when it is drying to avoid air bubble buildup inside. This can be bad, as it can make the countertop brittle. Anyway, you certainly did a great job with your concrete countertop. I hope to see what it looks like in your kitchen.

@Salvatore Aguilar

Alphonse Daigle said...

What made your concrete countertop beautiful were its flaws! Practice makes perfect! Next time, make sure to do process right so that everything will turn out just right.

-Alphonse Daigle