Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Secret Service!

I found this Secret Service idea on pinterest, and I was reminded of it again when I saw a similar idea in Jasztalville's plans for the beginning of the year. Basically, the idea is that kids do good deeds secretly, which makes it kind of like a fun challenge. Seeing how Ms. Jasztal implements it at school inspired me to do something similar in my classroom this year. Here's how (I think) I'll implement it:

I will secretly pick one or two students per week, starting the second week, to be in the "Secret Service." Their mission will be to secretly do nice things for other people, and then they'll record what they did each day. At the end of the week I'll read them like clues and have the class guess who was in the Secret Service that week. (still not sure about doing this actually: seems fun but don't know what purpose it would serve: maybe it sets up the sharing nice deeds aspect of this?). Repeat this process until everyone has had a chance to join the Secret Service.

Step two is more like your typical "Appreciations" set up: now that everyone's in the Secret Service, we'll share daily at closing meeting a few nice deeds that students noticed other students doing. (I'll give them each little notebooks and they'll get to spy on each other. That seems like it'll be fun. I'll probably need to designate when's an ok time to be making notes for the Secret Service.)

I know I have like three readers on this blog, and two are Sean and myself, but I'd love to know what people's thoughts are, particularly teachers.

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